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Request: Demo 1388579410397767
Status: PROCESSED Received: 1 Jan 14 23:30:10 Format: plain
Job: The Independent (Honolulu), 21 Jun 1896 Comment: View at LoC

Processsing complete: 29 Jul 14 18:59:52 words: 54 corrections: 16

Received Text
 Corrected Text
Throe hundrod letters by Andrea Dorja High Three hundred letters by Andrea Doria High
Admiral of Emporor Charles V have been discovered Admiral of Emperor Charles V have been discovered
in tho Esto archivos at Modena by Sig Carboni in the Esto archives at Modena by Sig Carboni
and will bo published soon Thoy form part of and will be published soon They form part of
a collection of 100000 lottors bequeathed a collection of 100000 letters bequeathed
by tho Maroheso Campori to tho town of Modona by the Marchese Campers to the town of Modena
and planed in tho Esto library and placed in the Esto library